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From burned out to Living the dream!

YouTube transformed the real estate careers of Steve and Kristen Thomas. Now, they want to help other real estate agents do the same.

Did you know that 87% of real estate
agents fail within 2 years?

That’s a staggering number of people who invested significant time, money, and emotional energy to start down a path, only to abandon it shortly after.

In my experience, there’s one reason why – lead generation.

Lead generation is the #1 problem a real estate agent faces if they want to be successful.
And not just for new real estate agents. As you grow, the challenge of scaling your lead generation grows with you.

But so many agents don’t have a strategy in place to consistently bring in quality leads that fit their ideal client.

They’re winging it, frantically running around trying to drum up as much business as possible any way they can. Or they aren’t getting the ROI they want out of their existing strategies.
The result is a tired, burned out agent who’s going nowhere fast. I know, because I’ve been that person. It felt like I’d be running for weeks only to look up and realize I was still in the exact same spot.

So I tried something new. I was tired of doing what everyone else was doing and started looking for new ideas until I saw came across a realtor posting YouTube videos,

And they were crushing it!

I had to try it for myself. I started posting videos


Month 1

In one month, not much had changed. I’d only posted a few videos and was still gaining traction online.


Month 3 – First client

After 3 months, I closed my first client from YouTube. This was a huge moment. They were exactly the kind of client I wanted to keep working with.


Month 6

After 6 months, we were doing tens of thousands of dollars a month from YouTube leads. (Notice the shift to “we”? We grew and brought on more team members.)


Month 18

After 18 months, we’d closed over $1 million dollars just from YouTube. And we’re less stressed and enjoying ourselves more than ever.

I’m finally living the dream I had when I started in real estate

I have the financial and time freedom to dream big, pursue exciting goals, and live the lifestyle I want to live. All thanks to this scalable, fun, and effective approach to lead gen.

And here’s the best part – you can do it, too.

At Video Marketing Coach, you get our YouTube content strategy and a team of professional video editors to help create, edit, and publish your videos so you can start filling your pipeline with people who WANT to work with you, on autopilot.

I’d love to speak with you if you want to learn more. You can schedule a call with me here.

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